News Anchor Chante Jantjies is a woman with ambition.


GROWING up, she was isolated by her peers. Being of mixed race – her mom is Xhosa and her father is white – meant no one was sure where she fitted in. But today former Miss South Africa Teen 2009 Chante Jantjies is a breath of fresh air, and making giant strides in her career as host of Newsroom on SABC News channel 404 and being chosen as a semi-finalist for Miss SA 2018.
She recently chatted to

You are a semi-finalist for Miss SA 2018, how did you get on this journey?
I started pageants at a young age . Some of the prominent titles I’ve won include

Little Miss SA 2004 ,
Miss SA teen 2009
And Miss Teen universe 2010

I’ve always wanted to enter Miss SA .Its an incredible platform of influence and a leadership role that I would like to contribute to in collaboration with my own initiatives. Essentially one is a representative of the country and a public servant. I think it’s important to have women leaders and young women at that, in these types of roles to change the narrative that the youth can’t make a considerable difference and more so that if one is in a position to contribute positively, one should do so.

You are also newsreader at the SABC, Where and when did your love for broadcasting start?
I always participated in school debates, public speaking and writing and acting in school plays.
I started KTV as a kids presenter at 14.That’s where I fell in love with TV. But more so LIVE TV.

I started As a News Anchor at Ann7 at the age of 18 .
I had initially auditioned for a lifestyle presenter position when the channel started. The lifestyle programmes were then finalised to have less presenters than initially required. I was then moved to fill in reading 5 min weather. This was frustrating as I knew I had more to offer. This continued for 3 months or so . One morning I was then asked to go live on air when one of the anchors had an anxiety attack before due going on air due to the on going media pressure .. I did .The rest they say is history.
I did weekend morning slots 6am -9am and the grave yard shift 9pm-12am due to the fact that I was studying.
Once I completed my studies I took the position of the Prime time Lunch slot 12-3pm and co Anchor for Prime Time evening news by the age of 21. I left the Channel in September of 2016.

I started my Journey at SABC at 24 towards the end of 2017 and I love every minute of it. It has an incredible organisational culture and really doesn’t even feel like “ work “ most days . I’m so fortunate to have the opportunity to take my career to the next level here.

What do you love most about your job? Also career highlights?
I’m an only child and a creative so I tend to get bored easily. News is so dynamic and everyday is completely different from the next and better yet challenging…Which I Love. It’s empowering to contribute to the body of news and information and break stereotypes of just being on TV because what I look like .There’s much more to me.
Highlights of my career include making my first Debut as a prime Anchor at Ann7 at 21 and Anchoring prime at SABC at 24 .
Most people just ‘watch’ the news . I live and experience it everyday .
I’ve always wanted to meet Madiba through my charity work unfortunately due to his health I did not .Though not the best news ,during my graveyard shift I broke the news of U Tatas passing just before midnight I anchored until 4 am that December morning . That was a euphoric moment and a little piece of him I got to experience and learn from.
Other Moments include 2016 SONA address and debate .

Describe a typical day in the life of Chante Jantjies?
As much as I love Broadcasting it can be very mentally taxing and physically draining.
I start my day with a 5 am 5km run or 30 minute cardio / pilates session. I’m in studio from 7am -1pm.
I then do strength and weight training with a trainer or boxing depending on what day it is in the afternoon after studio.
On Wednesdays I volunteer at a mentally challenged home where we provide a meal and help with its current revamp
Other afternoons I attend auditions or visit family.

What would still like to achieve in your career?
I would essentially like to have my own trend current affairs show which I can help produce as an executive.I would like to grow my career here in SA and internationally.
With my degree in Finance I would also hope to start a business.

What do you do to relax?
Spa days massages and out of town adventures like sky diving or bungee jumping LOL .

Your advice to anyone who wants to pursue a career in broadcasting and or Modelling?
TV: Read, Read ,Read!
Be Passionate about it and work towards bettering your craft every single day. It’s a very tough and highly competitive industry if you just want to be on TV your career will be cut very short.
Be Kind ,Humble and take everyday as a learning and growing experience.

Modelling :
Never take your first 10 ‘NO’s as an answer.
Do not take rejection to heart it’s the nature of the industry. If you’re hardworking professional and punctual it will beat talent most of the time.