A win for Trinidad & Tobago at Arnold Classic South Africa

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Jenna De Leon wins at the Arnold Classic, Just Jody

Jenna De Leon wins at the Arnold Classic, Just Jody

Jenna De Leon, 25, of Trinidad and Tobago, competed in the South African leg of the Arnold Classic competition in May and won the Women’s Bikini Fitness amateur category.

The Arnold classic is part of the Hollywood action star Arnold Schwarzenegger’s global health and fitness crusade. In Joburg, more than 50 sporting codes participated in the event.

De Leon is the first female Trinidad and Tobago national to win gold at the Arnold Classic.

She first started competing in June 2016 and took time out of her busy schedule to chat to justjody.co.za.

How did you get into bodybuilding?

Bodybuilding has always been a sport I admired but I never believed it was something I could accomplish. I always thought it was for extraordinary people and that you had to have a level of discipline, which I never had, at least that’s what I believed. But I was at a point in my life where I was tired of feeling pointless, passionless and purposeless. I wanted to commit to something, something that would push me to the very top of my potential. So I made a commitment and have stayed committed. That was my quality decision.

Do you change your workout and eating habits leading up to a competition?

Yes a lot. Every workout and every meal counts. Nutrition is so important, the most important, in my opinion. The diet is extreme and strict, no sugar, no dairy, no flour. Can you imagine? But, you know what, It’s all worth it at the end. And I wouldn’t change it for anything

You recently won the amateur division at the Arnold Classic in Joburg South Africa, what does that mean for you career?

Winning the overall Arnold Classic in South Africa has definitely been a dream come true for me. I’m now able to get my pro card, so, it’s a new league, which means more competitions and hard work.

You got to meet Arnold Schwarzenegger, what did he say to you?

OMG, yes I did! He shook my hand and said to me, “you looked beautiful, good job and congratulations”.

Will you be back at the Arnold classic next year?

Hopefully… on the PRO stage!