Creating a space for Digital Entrepreneurship in South Africa

The “Wild Boars” the most popular soccer team in the world.

The Digital Entrepreneurs at the Facebook SA Office

Last month I was invited to be part of a roundtable discussion about digital entrepreneurship.

Digital Entrepreneurship, as a relevant socio-economic and technological phenomenon, which can be considered as the joining of traditional entrepreneurship with an emphasis on leveraging new digital technologies in novel ways, such as social, mobile, analytics, cloud and cyber-solutions, all in order to shift the traditional way of creating and doing business in the digital era.

The idea behind the discussion was to create an opportunity to learn and listen, but to also connect organisations that are supporting entrepreneurship across South Africa with young entrepreneurs who are living this reality every day. Just as Facebook does online, we wanted to provide a platform to bring communities together with the hope that some sort of magic could be created in the process. The group consisted of a diverse range of digital entrepreneurs all working in different fields.

Some of the key takeaways from the day include:

Democratising access to education to rural and peri-urban communities

The importance of teaching kids in primary/ secondary schools about entrepreneurship fundamentals

Creating a firm support system across academia, policy, corporates and civil society

Entrepreneurship as a route to not just job creation but real-world problem solving

Utilising digital platforms to share tips and entrepreneurship fundamentals to wider communities