“I’m inspired by strong women.” Hasesha Naidu Miss Earth SA ambassador

“Society has come a long way in bringing women to an equal level with men.” Martelize Brink
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Hasesha Naidu: Miss Earth SA ambassador

Hasesha Naidu is a 27-year- old attorney. She grew up in Isipingo, which is a small suburb in Durban before moving to Umhlanga where she attended Atholton primary school and thereafter matriculated from Danville Park Girls High. She studied at UKZN where she graduated with a Bachelor of Social Science and Bachelor of Law degrees. She is also a Miss Earth SA ambassador and is passionate about environmental issues.

“I come from a very small and close knit family. I am the baby in my family and I have an older brother. I have recently become an aunt to a beautiful baby boy who currently rules my life,” she says. “I am passionate about environmental and social issues that we currently face. I educate people and organisations and provide solutions and alternatives regarding these issues. My dad plays a big role in this as from a young age he made me aware of environmental matters. He is passionate about sustainability, conserving our natural resources, recycling and up-cycling. I thus grew up with this awareness and made it my duty to educate others about the on-going environmental issues that we face and ways in which we can curb our destruction to our country and the earth.”

What do you love most about job? Also career highlights?
I chose a career in law because from a young age when I was asked what I wanted to do when I grow up my answer has always been “I want to help people”. With law I am able to assist clients with their legal matters and be the voice for those that sometimes do not have one. I love learning and with law I am always gaining knowledge on a daily basis. I am still fairly new in my career, however the highlights for me is the feeling of achievement when I am successful in my matters.

Describe a typical day in your life?
No two days are ever the same for me, my life consists of solving problems, studying, environmental education and family.

What would still like to achieve in your career?
There is still a lot that I would like to achieve in terms of being an ambassador for environmental issues as well as in my career. I will be studying further, next year I plan to do my masters and thereafter a PhD.

How do you do to relax, when you are not working?
I generally spend time with my family or friends, curl up with a book and some tea or watch movies.

What does it take for one to become a Miss Earth Ambassador?
Miss Earth is about empowering young women who in turn empower others. One should, therefore, be passionate about environmental issues, respect the earth and those who live in it and be prepared to lead by example. It takes hard work and perseverance because in many cases we are influencing people to change existing habits and behaviour.

How do you see the role of women in South Africa and the world in 2017? What are some of the challenges and what should be celebrated?
Women are always pushing the boundaries to achieve more, whether it is in their careers or personal life. I am always inspired by strong women and I hope to inspire young girls to be the best woman that they can be. Our role in society is growing exponentially and there are now more opportunities than ever before for women. It is always challenging for women in male dominated careers however my advice would be to let your work and results speak for themselves. Women should be celebrated for being able to be mothers, educators, leaders, caregivers and so much more. We are able to take on any role and thrive in that position.