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Metro FM sports anchor Joe Mann


Joe Mann aka Joemann4life is a man on the move. As a broadcaster and club DJ he gets to combine his love for music and sport. He also loves to travel and spend time outdoors. recently had a chat with him about his life and  career. 

Where and when did your interest in broadcasting start?

Well it all started at Tuks FM in 2001. A friend of mine and I saw the ad on campus and we decided to apply. Fortunately we both got in. That’s when I fell in love with the art of broadcasting. I was a provincial athlete at the time but I knew that, between radio, athletics and accounting, radio was most def the one for me. From there I moved to 5fm and now I’m at Metro FM.

You are also a sought after club DJ, how did that start, what kinda music do you play and where and how often do you have gigs?

The DJ thing started a few years ago, as a former technical producer I have always had an ear for music especially with friends who are DJ’s. I’m definitely a house head even though I have a great appreciation for a wide variety of genres. I play in clubs and lounges around Gauteng and surrounding provinces. I’m also a budding producer. I have one song out so far and a couple more are in the pipelines. I’m really excited about the remix that I’m working on with Morena the Squire.

Joe Mann and Editor Jody Hendricks at the Metro FM Studios

What are some of your career highlights?

Phew…I’ve had many highlights on air and challenges off air. The things that stick with me the most are the travelling opportunities that the job has given me. Watching the NBA finals in Detroit and San Antonio is definitely a highlight, as was bumping into Eva Longoria in the corridors. Speaking to some of the biggest names in sport is always something that I’ll cherish. The biggest highlight for me came 2 years ago when I went to watch the champions’ league final in Ibiza at a special Heineken viewing. That trip was a combination of the 3 things I’m passionate about. House music, soccer and travelling. So understandably I was in heaven.

Describe a typical day in the life of Joe Mann?

It involves mostly watching and talking about sport. I’m a broadcaster who doesn’t mind sticking my colours to mast. I’m a fan before a broadcaster so I’m constantly talking about sport in my Whatsapp group and watching it on TV before I get to work. The rest of my day is taken up by admin and preparing for gigs on the weekend.

What do you do to relax?

I’m a fan of nature and wide open spaces which are at a premium in Johannesburg. Any chance I get to be near a body of water and some trees, then I’m happy. and Joe Mann on the set of Mzanzi Insider on sabc 1

What are some of the things you would like to achieve in future?

I would definitely like to get involved on the creative side of radio, at the back end. Coming up with radio concepts and competitions.

Your advice to anyone considering a career in broadcasting or who wants to become a DJ?

What I always say to youngsters wanted to start, is that you have to start at community radio. I got my start at Tuks fm and made a name for myself there.