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Jody Hendricks weighs in on the #menaretrash debate, which is a hot topic among South Africans.

The murder and highly publicised death of 22-year-old Karabo Mokoena, who was burnt beyond recognition after having been reported missing several weeks before has not only triggered public outrage, on social media the hashtag #menaretrash started trending.

The accused in the Mokoena murder case is her boyfriend.

My view on the whole thing is that some of today’s men are weak. They can’t handle rejection. If a girl dumps you, walk away, don’t kill or beat her up. If you spent money on her doesn’t mean you own her.

South Africans need to unite. Men need to acknowledge that we are not only part of the problem, but we are the problem too.

When someone you know makes a derogatory remark about woman or you see a guy beating his girlfriend and you decide to walk away, you are also guilty of abuse.

So my plea is that we protect, love and respect our woman.