#metoo and the Danny Jordaan saga

RSG vier 80 jaar van Afrikaanse radio met ‘n tikkie nostalgie

The #metoo campaign has exposed the evil of sexual harassment, abuse and ill treatment of women in our society. Top Hollywood elite, sport stars and other prominent women have all opened up about it. So if it can happen to them imagine what women in South African townships, the cape flats and rural areas must be facing on a daily basis. I can only imagine…

In South Africa we’ve also had revelations from singer and former MP Jennifer Ferguson about an alleged rape by as some media call him “a top sport administrator” while others call him “Danny Jordaan.”

I can imagine it must have been tough for Ferguson to come forward with what she went through 24 years ago and I hope this goes to court even though she has indicated that she won’t be pressing charges.

Now back to the accused, I’m disappointed but not surprised that Danny Jordaan who has been celebrated not only in South Africa but worldwide for his leadership skills stands accused of such a crime.

My brief encounters with him go back to the 2010 FIFA world Cup held in South Africa, I was the Cape Town correspondent for the Local Organising Committee headed by one Danny Jordaan.

We met briefly during one of the games, as a young journalist I really admired him and what he achieved as head of the 2010 LOC.

Forward a few years and me living in Johannesburg, I would see him at SAFA press conferences, when former president Nelson Mandela died in December 2013 I arranged for him to be on the morning radio show I produced to share his experiences with our former president.

My last encounter with him however is the one that stand out. It was at the SAB sport media awards in November last year. I won two awards and it was handed over to me by a “top sport administrator while others call him Danny Jordaan.”

Jody and Danny Jordaan

I won’t lie, at the time it was the highlight of my career and I was honoured to receive my awards from such a “great” South African. He congratulated me and told me to “keep up the good work” and also posed for a few photos.

Now almost a year later and the revelations against him, I can’t help but think back to that night. Was I getting my awards from a “great” South African or was it a rapist? I don’t know…

But as this story unfolds I would encourage more women to come forward and share their #metoo stories. As for the men out there, whether you are guilty of sexual harassment, abuse and ill treatment of women in our society or NOT, we are ALL part of the problem.