“Society has come a long way in bringing women to an equal level with men.” Martelize Brink

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Martelize Brink

You’ll recognise Martelize Brink’s’ voice from her radio show on “Oggend op RSG” She loves to travel and has been described as an adrenaline junkie. She recently spoke to Justjody.co.za about her love for radio and how she she sees the role of women in 2017.

Where and when did your love for radio start?
I’ve always been fascinated by radio as medium. The intimacy of a voice in your car, house, office is a very powerful form of communication. I started at MFM in Stellenbosch during my studies. I was program manager at the station and presenter the Breakfast Show and as program manager at a community radio station at some time or another presented every show at the station.

What do you love most about your job? Also career highlights.
Career highlights will always be the interviews with normal South Africans and their life experiences. Acclaim is always much appreciated, but it’s through listeners’ stories that I can facilitate inspiration and unity, my great passions. I love the fact that I can speak to people directly every morning and (hopefully) positively impact their lives in some way.

Describe a typical day in the life of Martelize Brink?
Earlier years I was up at 4:30 for early shows or commuting to the SABC in Sea Point, but thankfully living closer to work has given me more time for much needed rest! My show is weekdays between 9am and noon. We start in the studio at 08:30, do the show. After the conclusion of “Oggend op RSG” the admin, editing and planning for the next days’ and next week’s programming commences. Exercise is an extremely important part of my life and I fit that in after work. Other than functions that need to be attended or outside broadcasts in the evening, it’s chilled nights and researching interesting topics to discuss on the show.

What would still like to achieve in your career?
I would like to see South Africans understand each other better. To facilitate discussion and empathy between and for each other. I have a cookbook launching in October and working on two other books that will focus on inspiration and ways of bringing that much needed understanding between people.

Martelize Brink

How do you do to relax, when you are not working?

Exercise, cooking, good conversation and a lekker red wine helps me switch off on weekends.

Your advice to anyone who would like to pursue a career in radio?
You have to work on general knowledge, show interest in various topics and make use of the many opportunities at community radio stations. Work hard. Be loyal. That will always be more important than talent. Most people interested in radio want to be DJ’s. Content radio has more longevity, personal stimulation and impact.

How do you see the role of women in South Africa and the world in 2017? What are some of the challenges and what should be celebrated?
Society has come a long way in bringing women to an equal level with men. I work at a radio station where those issues aren’t even a discussion anymore. It remains an important issue to discuss on-air, but at my station women lead from the front. Despite the many issues women face in SA and the unacceptably high abuse women suffer at the hands of men in our society, we can be very lucky we have equal rights, something many women in other parts of the world do not enjoy. Stop looking at men to make life more equal. Stop depending on men. Start with yourself.

Martelize is on air every morning between 9am and noon on RSG 100-104FM, DSTV channel 813 or www.rsg.co.za