The Spur incident debate

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Spur incident, Just Jody

Spur incident, Just Jody

Just Jody looks at the various opinions around the Spur incident that rocked South Africa.

So this happened:

On Facebook, I asked my friends and followers to comment on the Spur incident. Here is what they said:

Rosie Goosen said: “Altwee het barbaars opgetree…maar geen man het die reg om enige vrou te dreig nie. Onverskoonbaar ai…”

Deidre Oliver du Plessis said: “Ok so let’s rise above it all! This is NOT a man vs woman-thing or even God forbid a RACE-thing this is a PARENT-thing! It should NOT have happened in front of the children! That should be the argument! Hopefully this will not be another typical SOUTH AFRICAN ?? DRAMA for ALL the wrong reasons!!”

Lionel Ricardo Adendorf said: “When two people from different races are involved in a matter that concerns power or control like this incident, even if the roles were reversed, it has unfortunately all to do with race. Dad was waaaaaaay outa line for doing what he did or saying what he did in the way he did it and the mom was also wrong (though her anger is understandable and even excused) for doing what she did and the way she did it.”

Grant Reagon Son said: “Mr. Jody Hendricks, that woman was extremely rude, granted. But as men, we should always bear in mind that we outclass women with physical superiority simply by being men. Its worse when you towering above everyone else in the restaurant in size and muscle. Our fellow male species in this instance failed to represent us my leader. Very unfortunate circumstance. I can accept that one becomes emotional especially when you protecting your child(daughter), but we constantly need to check our actions, especially when the exchange of words or any argument is with the opposite sex. That’s my five cents contribution to the saga.”

Olivia L Jardine said: “So disappointed in how so many people justify this guy’s behaviour. So baie mense wat nog glo ‘n vrou moet haar plek ken, as ‘n man gepraat het, moet sy ja en amen. Sy mag nie opstaan vir haarself as sy aangeval voel nie, sy mag nie kru taal gebruik nie want dan provokeer Sy vir hom. Jislaaik. In watter eeu leef ons?”

Laurie Greyvenstein said: “Beide is verkeerd en stel swak voorbeelde vir hul kinders. Ons kan verwag dat kinders soms afknouerig is.”

Wendy Anne Cox said: “both acted like hooligans not interested its going end up black white story again”

Echbert Boezak said: “Jody I don’t know where to start. First of all, it is never, ever ok to threaten a women in this fashion. I don’t care what the situation is. Women have far less agency than men in our society, the work place and in our homes. As a country we have one of the biggest rates of domestic violence against women. How can women on this thread think this guy’s conduct is in any way justifiable? Also children all play differently and occasionally there will be some flare up. But to confront someone in this fashion is just deplorable and then to wreck property in a restaurant in order to prove what a strong man you are in disgusting. Yeah the lady lost her cool, but I will also go all Django Unchained on someone who confronts me about my child in this manner. Please lord send that meteorite that wiped out the dinosaurs. We can’t condone violence or threats of violence against women.”

Beryl Rhode said: “Mr x could have just taken his child away if he was so unhappy. There is really no reason for the man acting like a hooligan. The irony is the kids more than likely would have played again with one another and forgotten about the ‘slapping on the head.”

James Uthisha Mitchell said: “When will South Africans stop looking at the colour of skins – that is totally besides the point. For all purposes they might both have been white or pink or yellow or black.

“Ignored the skin colour and focus on the issue. They both should have been banned, but these days it seems as if it is the whites that are penalised. Sad really that these matters are judged based on the colour of ones skin.”


Aveenash Pandoo said: “It’s not the Spur debacle. It’s a debacle that unfortunately happen at Spur. Sorry it’s my favourite place and the kids. Tradition remains. Lol”