We can live in a world where it’s not so scary to be a woman

Fitness has become part of my lifestyle.
“I think women are amazing.” Olympic Medallist, Bridgitte Hartley

Entertainer: Megan Victor -Carelse

Megan Victor-Carelse is an entertainment industry veteran, taking on roles in almost every sphere of the field; from acting, singing, presenting and recently, directing and producing.

Justody.co.za had a chat to recently.

Where and when did your love for the entertainment industry start?

My parents love music and they have eclectic taste, I suppose it started as soon as I could appreciate music. When I was three I often thought about taking a hammer to the TV so that I could climb in it and act my heart out.

What do you love most about your job? Also career highlights?

I feel very inspired at the moment and I also love inspiring others.
There’s always a moment in a show where everything just makes sense, from lining up to sing Seasons of Love in RENT to rehearsing the crucifixion over the Easter weekend from Jesus Christ Superstar in a room full of tears, to picking three lucky girls who began their careers with Urban Brew in I LOVE VIOLETTA, seeing my actors find moments that only a director is privy to, fighting for 5 hours in the Sterkfontein Caves, learning how to die with my eyes open (for a scene), hearing my music on the radio for the first time whilst browsing around in Cash Crusaders and finally, lasting a decade in one of the toughest industries on Earth.

What are some of the challenges?

Lack of work, lack of strong roles for women. We don’t get paid our worth.
You’ve got to make your money last somehow, this is why I teach.

Describe a typical day in your life?
No day is the same. I don’t think I’ve ever had a typical day.

What would still like to achieve in your career?

Now that I finally know what my sound is I would like to finally work on my album. I have a couple of concepts for shows and films, I would like to make them a reality. I’d also like to continue teaching some way or another.

How do you do to relax, when you are not working?
I love being in the garden or doing something physically challenging.

Your advice to anyone who would like to pursue a career in the entertainment industry ?

Do not do it for the fame. Do it because you are committed to your craft, do it because you are passionate about it, do it because you cannot go a day without your art.

How do you see the role of women in South Africa and the world in 2017? What are some of the challenges and what should be celebrated?

Honestly, my biggest wish is that we can live in a world where it’s not so scary to be a woman, where we are not afraid to make eye contact, where it’s safe to wear whatever you want no matter how revealing, where you don’t get criticised for being strong, where a woman gets paid as much or more than her male counterparts, that’s the world I would love to live in. Women are starting to speak out about their experiences and I think that is a step in the right direction. Those women are heroes and they learn from other brave women. I know that I am sitting with a woman of worth when I realize that we can support each other. There is a sisterhood that exists among us but insecurity hinders this connection, it’s time we recognize our potential and push each other forward.